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FCC-250 – Fiber Connector Cleaner 2.5mm

The FCC-250 Fiber Connector Cleaner 2.5mm quick click ferrule end face cleaner is designed to provide exceptional cleaning performance by cleaning FC, SC and ST connectors beyond the critical fiber core area and cleaning deep into the contact area of a bulkhead adapter or connectors on fiber optic cables. The tethered dust cap provides protection for the micro fiber cleaning fabric and is an adapter for connector end face cleaning.

The FCC-250 features a patented 360 degree Rotational Tip for extra wide cleaning, easy one push operation and extendable nozzle, providing an additional 1.5 inches for a nozzle length of 4 inches to aid in accessing deep ports or crowded access panels. Additionally, the FCC-250 uses a non-woven micro fiber that is lint free. The FCC-250 provides 800 cleanings and has an indicator window near the bottom of the housing so user can visually see how much cleaning material is left. The outer body is made from static dissipative material for safe ESD work.

Patented Cleaning Technology:

  • Slide-Guide™ non-slip micro tape feeder guarantees high reliability
  • Dual Rotational tip provides superior ferrule End face cleaning