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HSC-50 – Hardline Coring and Stripping Tool 1/2″

The HSC-50 hardline coring and stripping tool is designed to core and strip 1/2 inch diameter Times Fiber T10 and Commscope P3 and other similar cables.
The HSC-50 hardline coring and stripping tool performs both the stripping function and coring function all in one tool. The stripper can be easily removed to help deal with flooded cables. In addition, the T handle is a ratcheting handle to help speed the coring process. The T handle can be removed allowing the user to attach a drill to make coring even easier. The tool bevels the outer conductor and chamfers the center conductor and provides a center conductor length of 1”. Total core and strip length is 3.50 inches. Tool is provided with allen keys for replacing stripping blades and to remove T handle.

Coring bit, blade and jacket stripping blade are made from hardened steel for long life.

  • Replacement Jacket Stripping Blade: HS-RB
  • Replacement Coring Blade: HC-RB
  • Replacement Coring Bit: HCB-50
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